The Colorado College Alumni and Students of Color Association (CCASCA) support the academic, social, professional and developmental interests of CC's alumni and students of color.  We exist to foster a supportive network for students and alumni of color and help CC be identified as a top choice for students of color seeking a liberal arts education.

Over nearly three decades, beloved Anthropology Professor Marianne L. Stoller mentored thousands of outstanding CC graduates, including many first generation or students of color.  These students succeeded in part because Marianne shared with them her boundless passion, rigor, confidence, and support. Her students’ understanding and appreciation of the Southwest, of anthropology, of the arts, of writing and scholarship have made them leaders in many fields. 

Marianne contributed greatly to Colorado College’s sense of place through her anthropology courses and as a co-founder of the Southwest Studies Program. Her stature as a scholar meant that she was sought out as a leader by professional organizations (she was president of the American Society for Ethnohistory) and as an expert witness. She was the expert witness for Lobato v. Taylor, a landmark case decided by the Colorado Supreme Count and allowed to stand by the U.S. Supreme Court, thus becoming the law of the land. This case restored land rights to descendants of American citizens of Mexican descent who had lost their land through the Mexican American War. For her expert testimony, Marianne became the first non-attorney to receive the Colorado Lawyer’s Commission service award. 

We are raising at least $100,000 to endow the Marianne L. Stoller Scholarship. This endowed scholarship will support Colorado College Bridge Scholars—first generation students, or students from disadvantaged backgrounds or from high schools that lack the resources for advanced course work. Colorado College is made great by the quality and diversity of our students, of all means and backgrounds. Many of our finest young minds have little or no ability to pay for their education. Reflecting commitments and contributions throughout Marianne’s life, the Marianne L. Stoller Scholarship will provide funding to ensure that capable, promising and diverse students have every opportunity to succeed at CC.

A challenge gift will match all gifts up to a total of $50,000. Please join us in this tribute to Marianne and to help support generations of students benefit from the kind of education that Marianne provided. 

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